• Linn Cook

A Webinar Story

It's funny what we're willing to spend our time on. The next time you're sitting in a fast food restaurant waiting for your Big Mac or taco or Double Double Animal Style to come out, look around you and count the number of people looking down at their phone. Most likely they are watching a video about water skiing squirrels or dancing cats. In other words, they're numbing their brains with eye candy.

Wouldn't it make more sense to dedicate our valuable attention spans to something educational, uplifting or even inspirational?

Well, we happen to like water skiing squirrels, so that's why we're inviting you to watch our webinar on NAMB Marketplace. Hosted by National Mortgage Professional, open your brain and let us fill it with a demonstration of how to use NAMB Marketplace, highlight our new Send to Lender feature, and generally attempt to entertain you with flashy slides and light professional banter.

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