• Linn Cook

Missed our webinar? No you didn't.

On Thursday, August 22 we presented a webinar discussing the evolution and impact of digital point-of-sale (POS) systems. We know that many of you are using some type of online loan application tool, similar to our Digital Lending Platform, with varying degrees of success.

Our point isn't to determine whether the digital POS is a dud or a stud. We simply present what one of our clients experienced after they launched our DLP system and how their assumptions about this technology were both validated and refuted by what they actually saw.

We also share our own experience implementing with several large lenders and all the good, bad and ugly we learned working with them.

If you missed the webinar, you're in luck. We have the full recording of the webinar available for you to view here.

The (Un)Expected Results of Digital Lending

Watch it when you have a spare minute (or sixty). Let us know what you think.

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