• Linn Cook

Revenge of the Nerds?

The news is all over the place about the Capital One hacking. This news, coming on the heels of the Equifax data breach settlement, is unsettling because large scale data breaches seem to be occurring more frequently from very large companies that consumers assume that they can trust to secure their data.

It's not as if these companies were deliberately trying to release private information about hundreds of millions of consumers. In the case of Capital One, it was one individual who apparently is a member of the Apple Dumpling Gang because she boasted about her theft on online public forums with easy access to her actual first, middle and last names. The true reason behind why this person performed such an inane act may never be known (although I'm sure the internet can come up with some really entertaining theories).

That's why it's important that as consumers, whether an individual or a business, you're keenly aware of the security around the data you store on various "cloud" systems that you use, such as NAMB Marketplace. The gold standard for cloud computing security is Service Organization Control 2, also known as SOC 2.

This certification is important because it not only performs technical audits on a provider's systems, but also audits a company's internal controls around data security. It requires businesses to implement comprehensive procedures to ensure that the people that handle sensitive data are following procedures that reduce the chance that your data is misused.

It may sound tedious and boring, and a name like SOC 2 doesn't really inspire excitement, but it's definitely worth your while to do some Google research on what SOC 2 is and all the different varieties it comes in. If you're willing to learn about the intricacies of making slime or poring over obscure baseball statistics, then why not educate yourself on the inner workings behind internet security that protects incredibly sensitive data that could potentially ruin you if it falls into the wrong hands?

Needless to say, NAMB Marketplace and Lender Price are SOC 2 Type 1 certified, so you can trust us when we say your data is in good hands. Although we admit that we do love a good Don Knotts and Tim Conway movie.

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