• Linn Cook

Send to Lender

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

We're really excited to tell you about our newest feature, Send to Lender. Our user base has steadily grown over the last year, and more and more lenders are approaching us about having their loan products available in NAMB Marketplace.

But brokers and lenders told us that in spite of our amazing features and breathtaking good looks, one thing was missing: how can lenders and brokers let each other know that they want to do business?

So we said, "No problem, bruh. We'll just create a feature called, 'Send to Lender'".

With this new feature, brokers can instantly send loan scenarios directly to lenders, even if they've never done business with them. It's a great way to expand your network of lenders and find products you didn't know were available.

Send to Lender. We hope you love this feature as much as we love to brag about it.


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